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Find your IP in home network?

This tutorial aims to help you find your Raspberry Pi IPs within your home network (local WIFI network). It assumes your devices are connected to the network.

Option 1: WIFI inspector app

Download a free WIFI inspector app such as


IP Tools: Wifi Scanner

Then launch a WIFI discovery scanning. You should see something like that:

WIFI inspection

We can see two Raspberry Pi connected to the local network:



Option 2: router

Another option is to open the admin panel of your WIFI router and grab the IPs from there.

All routers and internet providers are different but the logic is the same for most of them.

Let's see how it works for internet provider Xfinity

Xfinity xFi

  • Then click the Connect tab. You should see a list of devices including your Raspberry Pi as follows:

Xfinity connected devices

  • Click on one of the device to get its IP:

Xfinity device details